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amicable’s guide to talking to the school about your separation

Gingerbread's charity partner amicable has produced a useful blog on how to to talk to your child school after a separation.

Separation affects many elements of your life and your child(ren)’s. A crucial part of reducing the impact of your separation on your child is to ensure that their school is a stabilising factor and a supportive environment as they navigate the change.

Should you tell your child’s school about your separation?

In short, yes. However, before informing the school, you must ensure you’ve told your child about your separation. Telling your child about your separation is never easy, but it’s an important part of the process. We recommend reading our guide if you need help with this.

After parental separation, school may become essential as a source of continuity and stability for your child. Your child may wish to keep your separation a secret from school, but their head teacher and class teacher must know what’s going on so that they can keep an eye on your child’s well-being and any spot signs that your child is not coping, such as changes in their behaviour or performance. If the school and your child know about your separation, they can talk openly and address any emerging issues.

Tip: If possible and safe to do so, present a united front and talk to the school together or send the school a joint letter.

Read the full article below.

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