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Gingerbread joins judicial review challenging ‘failures’ of Child Maintenance Service

Gingerbread, the charity supporting single parents, has received permission to intervene in judicial review proceedings challenging the persistent failure of the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) to take “proper or effective steps” to recover maintenance payments from absent parents.

The claimants in the case argue that problems with the CMS are causing them “significant and prolonged financial difficulties” and “pushing them into poverty”.

As third party-interveners, Gingerbread hopes to provide the court with its view on how the CMS is working for single parents. The charity says that it hears “day in, day out from people who are being seriously let down by the system, telling them that they are owed thousands of pounds from their child’s other parent and that all too often the CMS is failing to put enforcement action in place to recover it”.

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