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Gingerbread launches its’ manifesto for change ‘Single Parents, Equal Families’

On 23 April 2024, in advance of the General Election, Gingerbread launched ‘Single Parents, Equal Families’, which it describes as its ‘manifesto for change’, which it states was ‘co-produced with a group of amazing single parent campaigners’.

Gingerbread write:

“Using years of real-life experience, thorough research, and collaboration with single parents, Gingerbread and a dedicated team of single-parent campaigners have come together to put forward our proposals for the next government. Our full list of recommendations is included in the manifesto, which can be found below, but we urge the next government to:

  • Undertake a full review and reform of the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) and introduce a minimum CMS payment from government

  • Take action so that a whole range of flexible working options become normalised and available allowing single parents to find work that meets their skill level, supported as appropriate by dedicated single parent work coaches.

  • Invest in a childcare system that supports single parents, including ensuring any childcare entitlements are available to those who are studying or training.

  • Take action to ensure adequate levels of benefits are paid to single parents and make sure the benefit system is fair. This includes reforming the Universal Credit conditionality system, and abolishing two-child limit on benefit policy

  • Introduce a process so that all impact assessments for new policy look at the impact that changes would have on single parents.

It’s essential for politicians to prioritise single parents and their children. The policies of the next government will shape the future, so let’s ensure they work effectively for single-parent families and their children.”

Read the full article below.

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