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'Historic win' in Court of Appeal over same-sex parental rights'

The Court of Appeal’s decision in determining the legal parent in a same-sex relationship has been described as a ‘historic win’ which has ‘opened the door on a new chapter in international family law’.

The judgment in Re S (Children: Parentage and Jurisdiction) said 'CP' should be treated as a legal parent of children now resident in the Middle East.

The case, before Lady Justice King, Lord Justice Moylan and Lord Justice Peter Jackson, centres on the children, all British citizens born in the UK, who were conceived by fertility treatment and now are habitually resident in a Gulf state. CP and M were civil partners in 2006 and after M gave birth they entered into a parental responsibility agreement for their eldest child. CP was present at all the births bar one. The women later married other partners. Read the full article below.

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