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Millennial couples and second-time marriages give rise to ‘pre-nup season’

There is now record demand for pre-nuptial agreements among millennials in the UK as there is now a ‘broader acceptance that inherited wealth might not be split equally on divorce’. In what is being called ‘pre-nup season’, family lawyers are seeing an increase in interest in pre-nuptial agreements that aim to protect family wealth and potential business windfalls. 

‘Pre-nup season’ has seen couples getting their financial affairs in order from early on in the year. This precedes the UK’s traditional wedding season which falls from April to October. Law Firm TWM have explained that the popularity of the pre-nup has seen a rise in the last few years and has been sparked by millennials obtaining significant wealth ‘earlier than previous generations’. In addition, the increase has been driven by couples entering their second marriage seeking protection of assets from children born in a first marriage.

Read the full article below.

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