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Supporting clients with ADHD

Why is it important to be aware of ADHD?

ADHD affects 3-4% of adults in the UK, with this statistic significantly increasing since 2020. This condition can be limiting to those who are affected by it and is often referred to as an ‘iceberg’. This is because the visual symptoms are often not representative of the multitude of unseen symptoms, which often leads to a misunderstanding of the effects of ADHD.

For example, whilst more obvious symptoms may include: fidgeting, excessive talking, interrupting conversations and being easily distracted; invisible symptoms may include: difficulty organising tasks, lacking time management skills, anxiety, low self esteem, poor emotional regulation and trouble sleeping.

These unseen symptoms are additional obstacles to people with ADHD. As lawyers, we should be considering these barriers when assisting out clients and doing our best to remove some of these obstacles when possible. Read the full article below.

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