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Why September is the busiest time of the year for divorce lawyers

More than 40% of marriages end in divorce with September being one of the most common time for couples to separate. We explore why September is the busiest time of the year for divorce lawyers.

With the children back to school and feeling fresh and revitalised after the summer holidays, one might think September was a positive and optimistic time for couples. Whilst it can be for some, September can be a turbulent time for many couples and is a popular time of the year for spouses to file for divorce.

Giving up the struggle

As the Independent states, September is one of the busiest months for divorce lawyers. Returning to 'normality' and everyday routines, it is not uncommon for spouses to finally give up the struggle of pretending to be a 'normal' and happy family. Following the holidays, finances can also be a concern for many couples.

Money worries

Arguing about money is one of the top predictors of divorce. A study titled "Examining the Relationship Between Financial Issues and Divorce" published in the 2012 Family Relations Journal, looked at data from more than 4,500 couples. The research concluded that disagreements about finances were typically longer and more intense that other marital arguments.

Jeffry Dew, co-author of the paper suggests that arguments about money are actually representative of deeper relationship issues.

"It may be that fights about money are actually fights about deeper issues in the relationship - power, trust, etc. If these deep issues in the relationship are problematic, then these couples may be more likely to divorce". Dew told the Huffington Post.

The pressures of the summer holidays can push couples to breaking point

When children are off school and couples feel compelled to go on holiday, family finances can be stretched to the limit. Similar to January, September is a month when post-holiday spending is evaluated. When couples realise how much they have spent during the summer it can push fragile relationships to breaking point.

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